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Things to Do

Whether in quest of adventure or an easy-paced vacation, the Valley promises an holiday full of surprises and unforgettable memories, to take back. Come here and lose yourself in the landscape. Here are a few suggestions for our guests on things to do in the Himalayas.

Take a stroll around our gardens and orchards. We guarantee that you will find every imaginable shade of green out there. If you are tire, sit by our pond and take in the breezy tranquillity of the water and the flowers. Bookworms can find garden chairs or hammocks to indulge in heavy reading.
Go walking to spot birds, butterflies flowers and medicinal plants and local life. You can select from a range of shorter walks or days-long hikes, or opt for white-water rafting and kayaking, in the guashing waters of River Beas, which is at a walking distance if 3 minutes from Our Place.
For those amongst you who love fishing, go hook, line and sinker into the relaxing activity of trout fishing. Those young children might consider picnics in the numerous meadows or camping out in the woods, or even jeep safaris.
Take a leisurely ride through the hills and works up a good sweat as you go mountain biking. Another option is to visit the ancient and beautifully structured temple in the town like the Raghunath Temple, Bhekhali Temple, Hadimda Devi Temple, Bijli Mahadev Temple. Most offer stunning vies of the valley.

Sight - Seeing

Roerich Art Gallery
Founded by Russian artist Nicholas Roerich in 1920, in the quaint scenic village called Naggar, this is home to his surreally colourful landscape paintings. He was happily married to yesteryears actress Devika Rani.

Naggar Castle
This 500-year-old structure, displaying western Himalayan architectural style, was built by the Rajas of Kullu. In 1978, it was converted into a hotel and gives a bird’s eye view of the entire Valley.

Kalath Hot Spring
A natural hot water spring, from which flows sulphurous water that is believed to have curative properties. Public and private areas are available here.

Around 24 km from Raison, the landscape is decorated with cedar, chestnut, walnut, maple trees, gurgling rivulets and snow-capped mountains. You are spoilt for choice here with regard to quaint Cafes and great Restaurants.

Hadimba Temple
Located amidst a dense growth of centuries-old pine trees, this temple has a beautiful four-tiered Pagoda roof. It is dedicated to Hadimba Devi, wife of Bhima, one of the five Pandavas.

Vashist Rishi Temple
Vashisht village near Manali is famous for its ancient temple dedicated to Rishi Vashist and natural hot water springs. Modern Turkish baths have been built here. Nearby in Old Manali is the ancient second Brahma temple.

Drive 20km through the meadows of Gulaba to Rohtang Pass, get to see the snow, vast patches of wild flowers, springs and waterfalls. It is here that we realise why Kullu Valley is called the “Valley of the Gods”.

Gadhan Thekchoking Gompa
A small monastery built by Tibetan refugees in 1960s. Stop here to taste delicious Tibetan food and shop Tibetan artefacts.

Bijli Mahadev Temple
A 3-km hike from Chansari takes you to this Shiva temple located on a hill top. According to local lore, the lingam is struck by lightning every year, and it regains its shape every time. Savour the breathtaking views of the Valleys around.

Raghunath Temple
This is the most important temple in Sultanpur (Kullu town). Built in 1600 AD by the Raja of Kullu, it houses gold idols that were used for the Yagna in Ayodhya by Lord Ram.

Parashar Lake
A 45-km drive from Kullu, through Rhododendron forests, is this beautiful high-altitude lake, near which stands the Pagoda-style temple of Rishi Parashar. A tiny island floats in the middle of the lake.

The hottest of the springs are found in this beautiful place, which even cooks rice in 20 minutes. Considered a religious place for both Sikhs and Hindus, Manikaran has many temples and gurdwaras.

Great Himalayan National Park
If you are a nature lover, make sure you visit this national park. Explore true beauty in its most natural form. The GHNP organises treks and stays here.

Solang Valley
For those looking for a spurt of adventure, this is the place to be in. The scenic valley, with splendid views of the mountains, is a must-visit for camping, trekking and paragliding and zorbing - a sport in which two people roll down 200 mts in a large ball.

Ropeway Ride
Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime ride in the ropeway to Mt. Phatru, at an elevation of 3200 mts. The view that this ride affords is almost ethereal. Skiing and snowboarding are other activities you can indulge at the Solang Valley.